New safety protocols and procedures

Help us stop the spread of COVID-19

Booking Appointments

Appointments are booked both through online booking and through reception as per normal. Our therapists have amended their schedules to ensure safe spacing between all appointments.

Naturopathic Appointments

As per guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, all naturopathic appointments will continue to be virtual or by phone unless you, in consultation with Dr. Youssef, ND, determine that an in-person visit is required (i.e. a physical exam is necessary to investigate a concern, or you need acupuncture to address an issue that cannot otherwise be addressed virtually, such as releasing a tight muscle, inducing labor, turning a breech baby, etc.). Please email Dr. Vanessa Youssef, ND before your visit if you believe an in-person visit is necessary; in person visits will only be booked with permission from the therapist.

Occupational Therapy Appointments

Our Occupational Therapist, Lara Desrosiers, OT, will continue seeing individuals virtually unless there is an indication for use of Pelvic Floor EMG Bio feedback or hands on support. In these cases, an in-clinic appointment will be arranged. In order to discuss your needs with Lara or to book a virtual assessment, you can reach her directly by mail at or phone at 226-748-0021.

Before You Visit

Client/Patient and Staff Screening: It is essential we know the status of both your health and our team members’ health. Before each visit, you will receive an email screening survey through Jane 24 hrs before your appointment time that MUST be completed in order to confirm your appointment. All SFH practitioners will complete a screening survey the day before their shift to be completed before entering the building. They will also receive a full health screening on-site, including a temperature check, at the beginning of every shift.

On Site Procedures

Essential Visitors Only: Only patients with an appointment will be allowed in the clinic. Please do not bring additional family members as they will not be able to enter the clinic. We are doing this to ensure we are providing the safest environment for all patients and staff.

Time of Arrival at the clinic: Please arrive 5 mins before your appointment time and wait in your vehicle (or outside on the sidewalk if you have walked or biked to the clinic). Our front desk staff will call you when you are able to enter the clinic.Sanitization stations will be throughout the clinic. Please clean your hands upon entering the clinic.

Our staff will be wearing personal protective equipment as per the Ministry of Health directives.

Face Protection: Staff and clients are required to wear masks at all times. If you don’t have a mask, we’ll provide you one for a fee of $1.00(+HST).This is mandatory to be eligible for treatment.

Active Screening:
Staff will ensure nothing has changed regarding your screening questions and will perform a temperature check. If your temperature is over 38°C we will have to reschedule your appointment.• If all screening is negative you will be taken directly to your treatment room to wait for your practitioner•

Reception: A Plexiglass Divider has been installed to protect you and our team members. Social distance markers are placed throughout the clinic. Please follow these closely to ensure a safe experience.

After your Appointment

Please wait in the room and check-in with your therapist, they will walk you to the reception area. This is to help us control traffic and maintain social distancing in the halls and reception area.

We are trying to limit cash and cheque payments so please pay with debit or credit as much as possible. We are also providing directing billing at this time to decrease the amount of contact during payment.

Cleaning and Sanitization

We are adding extra time between appointments in order for staff to properly clean equipment, treatment areas, reception area and restrooms and to allow the cleaning agents to take full effect.

Frequent hand washing before, after and during appointments with antibacterial soap.• Full cleaning of all high contact areas and used equipment between appointments.

Our pillows are covered with plastic coverings that will be wiped down between each appointment.• All linens and towels are one-use only and will be washed after each use.

Cancellation Policy

Our 24-hr policy is in strict effect as we will be having to space out appointments and are anticipating higher than normal appointment volume with everyone coming back to the clinic. If you are unable to make your appointment please contact us as soon as possible.